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by Jamie Smith - 11 months ago

Top Tips to Travelling on A Budget

Cheap FlightsThese days, low budget airlines are dominating airspace and flying around the world has never been easier. Using websites that seek out the best airfares are a great place to start. Visit or to find the be...

by Jamie Smith - 11 months ago

Top 5 Diving Spots Around the World

Avid divers often spend their spare time travelling the world seeking out new and thrilling dive sites. Divers enjoy taking part in challenging dives, off the beaten path, each one more beautiful than the next. With social media sharing with us pl...

by Jamie Smith - 1 year ago

​Top Summer Festivals

It’s finally festival season and as the world tries to take in the incredible performances of Coachella its time to decide which festivals are worth a trip to, so regardless if you want to attend one close to home, or even make a holiday of the event...