How to Get Yourself a Last Minute Holiday


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How to Get Yourself a Last Minute Holiday
Were you planning to stay home this summer but starting to regret it? If you’ve been thinking it’s too late to bag a holiday without breaking the bank, then this is the article for you! We’ve came up with this guide for all the hopeful travellers that would be missing out this summer if not for the tips you can read all about in this article. Read on, and get booking.

Compare Rates

The only way to get the best deal (especially if you’ve not got much time left!) is to use a website with a bunch of airlines and hotels all in one place. This might seem obvious, but it works so it’s worth repeating. A single airline won’t always offer the best price, and you might save by using one airline for the way there and another for the way back. With you can get the best deals on flights from hundreds of providers as well as hotel offers, meaning you’ll have travel and accommodation sorted all from one place! Get an even better deal with a very special"> promo code.

The Right Destination

Of course you don’t want to jump at any offer for somewhere you don’t really want to go to. That said, booking a last minute trip to New Zealand might cause you some problems. There are some great European destinations like Krakow, Brussels and Barcelona which good deals can be found pretty much all year round.

When to Fly

Avoid Fridays and Sundays. The cheapest days to fly are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. A good itinerary could be a departure on a Saturday and returning on a Tuesday.

Avoid Direct Flights (Sometimes)

You can sometimes save up to 50% or more if you include a stop on your route. Airlines regularly include what we call a 'convenience' fare on direct flights that many of us are willing to pay. If you don’t mind a little inconvenience - like a longer journey – you can save big. Just be sure the difference in price is worth the extra time stuck in the air or the airport. If it's possible to find a direct flight at the right price we recommend it! P.s Mark Warner are doing some amazing direct flight holidays to sunny Greece at the minute!

Travel Light

Use hand luggage. Not only will you avoid the extra fee, but you’ll save yourself the time and stress of waiting on your bag appearing on the carousel, where sometimes the nightmare of your bag being lost can become a reality.